Ten c, which stands as an acronym for ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, was founded in Italy in 2010 by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey.

It is designed by Alessandro Pungetti and part of FGF Group, held by Enzo Fusco.

Ten-C forces those to look beyond fads and trends and towards the value of well-crafted clothing built to last a lifetime. Designed by Alessandro Pungetti who has been working with C.P. Company for over 20 years – Ten c is all about pushing the limits when it comes to high-level craftsmanship and new boundary-breaking fabrication techniques. Pulling inspiration from the deep history of Japanese craftsmanship, Ten c often uses a wide range of specially engineered Japanese textiles across each collection, with special attention to the use of original Japanese jersey. OJJ is crafted in Japan and then dyed and sewn in Italy, resulting in timeless outerwear pieces built for life across a wide range of unique silhouettes. In acknowledgement of the importance of timeless Japanese manufacturing, Ten c took inspiration from the kikumon seal to create the Ten c seal logo seen inside each piece.

With minimal branding and more focus on the importance of quality, timelessness, and fabrications – Ten c compares their outerwear to the way a pair of Jeans is worn and ages with you over time. Created to live and age with the wearer, Ten c’s incredible fabrications will mould over time to create your own personal fit and create a timeless outerwear piece that is unequivocally yours and only yours. Adding further appeal to the idea of a jacket for life – Ten c adds many modular capabilities to their pieces, allowing for versatility in wear and customisation with functional liners and hoods. All in all, being able to masterfully create timeless outerwear that merges high-end fabrications with an adaptable and hard-wearing sensibility means each Ten c piece is simply outerwear that can last a lifetime.

Ten c is all about looking beyond what you are told to see and to value what is truly there. That ability to look beyond the fads and trends is a new interpretation of the original fairy tale – one clearly seen in Ten c’s impressive outerwear offering.