Mr. Carlo Rivetti, the CEO and creative director of Stone Island, isn’t exaggerating when he says that the philosophy of his brand is innovation. Since this Italian label was created in 1982, then an offshoot of C.P. Company, it has created more than 40,000 different garments. The first Stone Island jackets were cut from extremely durable truck tarpaulin that had been washed for hours with pumice stones in order to soften it. This new fabric was named Tela Stella, and set the tone for Stone Island’s industry-leading research and development, which has seen the introduction of unique materials and fabrications including the Ice Jacket, which changes colour in response to temperature variation; the Raso Gommato fabric, a cotton-satin with a durable polyurethane coating; the Silver Jacket, which is cut from 100% stainless steel bonded to a fabric base; the NOC 1 rubber hood that is made in a vacuum mould; and jackets incorporating Kevlar, a material more commonly found in body armour.

Experimentation is not the only pillar of Stone Island, though. Each garment that the firm produces is also highly functional, in terms of cut, performance and details. The study of military uniforms and workwear is integral to the design process, explaining elements such as the numerous utility pockets found on the outerwear. Specialised high-temperature, high-pressure dyeing methods enable the company to produce pieces in vibrant colours not normally associated with technical performance fabrics, while the modish Italian style which infuses the collection hardly needs explaining. Messrs Noel Gallagher of Oasis, Peter Hook of Joy Division and Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys are all fans of Stone Island, and the brand enjoys a cult following almost unprecedented in menswear. Watch the video to find out more.